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July 12, 2010


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Heather EV

I love it!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!


Love it! :) Can't wait to hear the whole thing -- John/JFH

Suzanne Joffrion

Ooooooooh, I love it.....have a grandbaby due in October, and this song made me think of her!!! Thanks for sharing the sneak peak!! :D



I love it. it sounds to good to be a veggie tales song. I wanna buy the whole song on itunes, when will i be able to?


Sounds great!

The Leventhals

LOVE IT! My kids immediately started dancing. Can't wait to hear it incorporated with Veggie Tales!


I can't wait for this movie to share with my granddaughters and I want this song as a reminder that they were meant to be.

Lisa Dorsey

WOW, love it! Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many!


I love the song! Such a great message! I hope it will be available to purchase soon! I can't wait for the new Veggitales to come out, and hear little Stevey Joy's voice! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Eden Grayson

Wow...every child would be blessed to hear these words; to know, "They were meant to be". Awesome! What a gift to have, to be able to create such music to words of the strongest truths.

Russ Hearn

I really like it. Can't wait till I can buy it in iTunes.


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

I Soto

Wonderful song! Thanks for sharing what will quickly be sung by many mommies and daddies and grandparents to their special someones.
It has lifted my heart to be reminded today that I too was meant to be! God bless you and continue to use so powerfully through your music.


Good,,,now if it was Larry or Bob singing it....becomes great.

Christy Taber

Awesome! I love it!


Maybe they could sing back-up for it.....


Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring!


Tearing up!! A message for EVERYONE, not just the kiddos...SO POWERFUL!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

tracey heppner


just where we are in life and season of transition and pondering all of the things god has done, this song TOTALLY spoke to my heart.. tears!

be blessed! xo

Michelle Ziter

Wow... can't wait for my son to hear that!


Great song! Wonderful message! I love your songs that affirm our place in this great adventure. This is another song we will treasure for years to come!
God bless you all as you labor for the sake of the call!!


Thanks for letting us be some of the first to hear the new song!!

pammy j

Oh, that is a FABULOUS song!! I'm fairly certain this is how God feels about ALL of us! I LOVE IT!

David Farley

Wow, that's really good. Appropriate message for ALL ages.


Oh, this is beautiful! I love it! Please tell me this will be released to radio!! Thank you for giving us a sneak peak.

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