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January 26, 2010


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Hahaha...you make me laugh:) I needed that today, thanks! Would love to hear how you guys are doing though:)

The Gang's Momma

That MIGHT be a good definition for "cruel and unusual." Nothing like leaving us hangin'!!!!!

But, props to you guys - very creative. And witty.


HAHAHAHA. That was creative, comical, and cruel!!! I want in on the extended director's cut!


Wow. My first thought was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Haha...that definitely was the comic relief for my day! Thanks a lot!


LOL... that's great. :D


HAHAHAHA!! Too funny! Now can we hear it for real? LOL!


I think they call that a tease! Made me laugh!

BTW, love, LOVE, LOVE, "Beauty Will Rise"!
Wow, what an awesome team you and God make!
Keep moving you all, God gets closer everyday!
Blessings :)

Shawn Brandon

Great to see your face, SCC! As far as the "update" lacking, my friend, lacking! Hilarious...God bless you,

Bonky's Mama

Wow. Your voice has really changed. : )

Looking forward to a REAL update. LOL

God Follower

Now there is the SCC we have all been missing! That was great!


Hahahaha! Very clever. Enjoyed that! But was hoping for an update too. :)

Laura Slaback

steven you are hilarious! thanks for making me laugh today! ps...love the twitter updates!

katherine stine

ok you are awesome and hilarious
that was just grand =)

Pam Martin

I usually tune in at least a couple times a week to get inspired by you and your family. Today when I tuned in- you had just what I needed even more- a great laugh! It has been "one of those months" and I so needed the blessing of a giggle. Thanks for being a blessing in every way!


Thanks Steven I needed that!

Nancy from California

LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! My kids & I were LOL!!! So glad that video blogging sense of humor is still there! :)Look forward to more from you here and on Twitter--you don't look like a 'dummy' to me; just not so into this kind of technology! So glad things are taking off for 'Caleb' I continue to pray for the whole family and so glad God is causing beauty to rise from you personal ashes.
Your sister in Christ,
Nancy (thankfulndw)

Misty Peterson

what? was that all about...no fair..I agree we need the directors and extended version...the bonus features! Although it did sound very familar to most everyones life :)I am sure that your is in fast forward with all you are doing :)
~ Blessing and prayers~Misty Peterson

michelle duft

I just wanted to say how much your song Heaven Is The Face talks to my heart i've lost my daughter butnot to dying. Its tough and you encourage me with your strenghth from God. I have wanted to turn away so many times but God is forgiving and He understands my grief. Thank you for this song and your following Gods plan


I have a very strong urge to snag that video and slow it down and see if there is actually content buried in there.... :p
Very funny, and very much a tease...... Oh yeah, and love the guitar. That's pretty special.


Just as I was thinking "Steven, you don't do anything quick..." HAHAHAHA! That really tickled my funny bone! Thanks for the laugh.
Seriously. Hope all is going well with you and yours. Still prayin'! So cool about the boys, MB's book & your guitar!
Emi has a great idea!


Too funny...that was great!!!

Rebecca Herivel

Someone's been playing around with the computer a little, hmm? Isn't technology wonderful :)
That woke me up! Glad to see you back, and looking forward to more in the near future.


Not nice to tease us!

Vanessa Schaecher (from Nebraska)

Ok...good to see you! Nice creativity! BUT....I want the FULL update!!!!! :o)


Glad to see the Lord has brought some humor and creativity back into your life:) And yes, I agree with everyone, an update would be nice, but it was good to see you, just the same.
May the Lord bless you and your family today in a special way!
Our Promise and Hope: SPRING IS COMING!

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