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November 11, 2008


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Welcome back and thank you, thank you thank you, for thanking vets!


Thank you for the update! It was so good to hear from you! I just have to tell you that I went to the St. Augustine concert and it was beyond amazing!! I wanted so badly to meet ya'll but I understand completely. God moved in so many ways that night and I worshiped like I hadn't worshiped in a long time. God was working and still working on my heart! It was a night filled with tears and laughter. I am sure much like your everyday life. Please know that I am praying and will keep praying for all of ya'll and I love ya'll very very much!!

Lots of love and prayer,

Kevin in Paducah

Thank you Steven. God Bless and we are still praying.


So great to hear from you! God Bless you and your family, still praying! We went to the concert in St. AUgustine on Saturday, it was awesome. Nadia, my little girl, is still asking if we can go back to "the show". Love the song Thomas McBride, what a great tribute to him and all the men & women who serve our country. Praying for all of them as well! Lots of love!

George, Deb, & Jonathan

Dear SCC,

We saw in Broward performing Arts-Ft Lauderdale.FL(was a changing moment is some of the songs).. It was our son's first concert-he is 9 and is adopted..He said to me the day of your performance that he is praying for all of you. Great new song! My nephew is going back to Iraq in Feb/09. We just have to keep on praying.

Phil 4:13

George & Deb

Lisa in Murfreesboro

od Bless You Steven and we continue praying for your entire family. It is a blessing to see you extend the love of Christ towards others. I knwo the song will be a tremendous blessing to Thomas McBride. Thank you for your servant heart!


Just wanted to say thank you to you and Michael for a wonderful evening in St. Augustine this past weekend. My husband and I were able to get away for the weekend and were blessed by the best concert we have ever been to. Your music is such a blessing and your transparency ministers in ways you can't even begin to imagine. We continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for allowing God to continue to use you for His glory. Through all you have walked through and will continue to walk through I know that one day you will hear "Well done, my good and faithful servant". Thanks again....we love you!


Thank you, Steven! What an AMAZING song! We have so much to be thankful for in this country. I continue to pray for you and your family and may God's amazing grace sustain you through upcoming holiday season. You are loved!

Pittsburgh, PA

Melissa (from TN)

You and your family are deeply loved. Thanks for all that you do, especially for honoring our servicemen and women.


Always good to hear from you!!! I love the song Thomas McBride!! My dad fought in Vietnam and the Gulf War. I have a special respect for our veterans. I know that so many will be touched by your words in this song!!!! Thank you!

We are still praying for you and your family!! We love ya'll so much. Even though we only know you all through your music, concerts, and blogs you all feel like family - well, you are our family in Christ!!! I pray that you all will have a beutiful holiday season with lots of "sight". :)

The Aycock's from ALABAMA


Wow! What a wonderful song for one that represents so many. I thank our God everyday for you and your music ministry. How wonderful that you welcome and embrace our Lord's spirit and are able to translate that into lyrics and scores so we, too, can hear His Love for all of us.

In grateful prayer for you, your family, and yet another gift from our God and His Son via "Thomas McBride."

Jennifer in Mississippi

laura gaytan

Ramble on Steven, we dont mind, well at least i dont, and thank you so much for taking the time to send us fans a message, i just heard "Thomas McBride" a couple of minutes ago and it is absolutely wonderful, only a God loving and wonderful man like yourself would take the time to do something like this with everything else you have going on in your life, i guess thats why we love you so much and why you have impacted so many peoples lives and touched our hearts. enjoy the upcoming holidays and cherish these wonderful family moments you'll be having, continuing to offer up prayers to you and the entire chapman family and extended family.


i love seeing your face! thanks for honoring our men and women like you do! i will keep praying for you and those serving. i am believing for a hopeful holiday season for you and your family!
love you Chapmans!


What an amazing song you wrote for Thomas, I cried the whole way through the song. As the wife of a veteran, it meant a lot, even if it wasn't to my veteran. It's sad to think of how many good friends my husband lost, or almost lost. If I could I'd pass on the sentiments to their families. Thank you for your support, your song will bless Corpsman McBride for many many years.



God bless our country and all our troops.

Cathy C.

Steven what a blessing to see you again on the blog. Always a pleasure. Glad you're home with the family I'm sure they missed and are so greatful to have you their. I know our little ones and even our big one are so thrilled when their Daddy gets home from a business trip!

Praying on for your whole family!

Cathy C.

Steven what a blessing to see you again on the blog. Always a pleasure. Glad you're home with the family I'm sure they missed and are so greatful to have you their. I know our little ones and even our big one are so thrilled when their Daddy gets home from a business trip!

Praying on for your whole family!


Thanks for the song..Even though I have no idea who Thomas McBride is I have two brothers who are serving and have served..one of which in Iraq--5 out my mom's 7 brothers have served and both of my grandfathers one of whom also received a purple heart in WW2! As a family who has a lot of Patriotism this song means a lot to me!! my youngest brother went right from high school into the service and a year later found himself in the beginning of a war. He still beats himself up for missing family things like my wedding, our son being born and he barely made it home for our grandmother's funeral (he was waiting to come home when she passed away so they flew him home early) There was something so sad about seeing him in he dress greens as a pallbearer but as I have told him he was doing something so much more important that all of those things combined.

I wish i could thank Micheal for his song friends! That song has impacted many soldiers...including my young brother...they sing that song every time a soldier dies during their memorial service! My brother does not walk with the Lord though he knows the way...it's amazing how songs like that still impact people's hearts..though the world is a godless plane anymore...I guess always has been!!!! Thanks so much!


Dear Steven,

None of your "rambling" bothers anyone who listens to you, trust me ;) !!!! You and your family are such a great reminder to me and many others of Christ's perfect love and grace. Your ministry for God is so far-reaching, beyond perhaps what you could hope or even realize! And your words are truly anointed! I had the tremendous privelege of hearing them at your post-game concert in Atlanta this past August. You could have canceled the show easily; actually I almost left thinking it was.....but you decided in great dedication and boldness to go on stage only with a guitar and the Word to share your amazing hope in Christ. I am so thankful you did.

I am 27 years old and have been listening to your music ever since "the Great Adventure," I remember listening to your songs throughout my teenage years and being encouraged in my faith. Actually, when I first started working at 16, I was able to lead a co-worker to Christ after singing "Let Us Pray" while I worked in the restaurant kitchen! I remember after we prayed together, we opened the back door and there was a beautiful sunset...we just marveled at the beauty and awesomeness of our wonderful God! Your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I check this site almost daily, and I'm so thankful for our bond in Jesus Christ as children of God! Nothing could be better than the promise we have in HIM!!!

In Christ,

Michelle Thompson,
Nashville, TN

Stefanie in Illinois

Steven -

I was blessed to see you and Michael when you stopped in Waukegan, and God's spirit was in every moment of that show! Thank you so much for continuing to tour even through your hardship; getting to worship alongside you, Mary Beth, and your darling girls and pray for you that night is something I will never forget. Thank you for having such a heart for the those who defend our freedom and honoring them in this way. Thank you for being so open about your faith and continuing to be the 'real deal.' Know that I am continuing to pray for you, and enjoy the holidays with your family!


Oh Steven it's beautiful!!! Thank you so much for this and everything else that you do! What an inspiration!

Still praying for you every single day!!


Ahhh.... sigh... Amazing.. isn't it??? The way he just DOES this?!? Please, put that song on your next album! I so want to send it to a dear family friend...

Yes, SCC, we're still praying on. Now and forever! Well, at least until my address changes to a Heavenly one! The way that you just reach out and touch hearts... and leave Heaven's fingerprints wherever you have been. Really... just amazing!

I'm sure that it'll be nice to have Daddy back home for now... with the Holydays just around the corner. Prayers for rest, rejuvenation, reflection, and ... oh, I can't think of an "r" word that would mean that we're lifting you and yours up to Him for grace and peace this coming season... lol! Sometimes it shows up... sometimes not!

Thanks for "popping in" and leaving a little tidbit for us. Can you tell yet how we're a bit "blog addicted"?

((Oh, and "Pancakes and Potties" is supposed to be an album collection for the smallest of Chapman fans. A collection of favorite kids' songs recorded by you... and according to my smallest Chapman fans, it needs to have "Crazy" on it!))

Kimberley in Covington, WA

And God Bless You Mr. Chapman, your family and all you do!

You are a gift to us all!

Heather Schmitt

Welcome home, I'm sad that we weren't able to get to one of the concerts. I bet it was fabulous with the two of you! Anyway, I wanted to write to say I LOVE this new song and I hope you put it on your next CD. I am an active duty Soldier in the Army and am touched by the outpouring of your love in this song. I have a friend who is a fellow Soldier who stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) back in April filling his body with shrapnel with his left leg receiving the worst of it. Well, thanks to many like you through prayer and support he has been able to make a miraculous recovery and is now walking and driving! Thank you Steven for remembering the troops, especially when you have so much going on in your own life. We continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.


Thank you Steven. We so love hearing from you. Just love the song and a great message for us all to be reminded of.

Thanks for your words about praying for our leaders. I really needed
the words to help someone who is really stuggling with the election results and has asked me for help. I've been praying about just what to say and who I could ask for advice. God gave me your message today. It was perfect.

Thank you once again, dear friend. We love you and are always praying for you and your family.

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