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November 26, 2008


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Moore Family

Wow! That was awesome! As a family who has experienced a painful loss and many trials lately, you have so encouraged us. It's nice to know that other join with us in giving praise even if it is a sacrifice. We too are so very grateful and await Jesus' return. Congratulations Caleb!!!

Nancy,Scott, Alyssa, Zachary, Elliot

What an awesome blog and awesome song. You so express our feelings about our President. He was obviously called to this time after 9/11 and everything that has happened since. I always felt confident that even if we didn't agree on everything that he was seeking the Lord and we will truly miss him. Blessings to him and his family and all the Chapmans this Thanksgiving. Congratulations to Caleb and Julia too. We were wondering after looking at Emily's wedding pictures how long it would be until there were more wedding bells in the Chapman family but really had no idea they would be so soon. Blessings to you all and thank you for another wonderful song.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too! It was great to see Stevey Joy and Shaohannah - my 3-year-old daughter loved their greeting. May God continue to comfort you all during this holiday season. Congratulations to Caleb and Julia, too!



Happy Thanksgiving Chapmans!!!!! I'm so thankful for you all!! I pray for you all the time. CONGRATULATIONS CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Bartell

Thank you, Steven (and family), for your encouragment that we can, by the power of God, make it through difficult times with Thanksgiving and grateful hearts. Thank you for reminding me that none of us are perfect, including Presidents, and that they have been chosen for their particular moment in time, and that I need to be thankful for God's will being done and to pray for them even more. And I thank you also for the reminder that God has given us many great and precious promises that He will keep. May He continue to help us to endure to the end with hope.

Happy Thanksgiving to your precious family. Congratulations Caleb and Julia! We love all of you and continue to pray for you upon every remembrance.

In Christ,
Terry and Nicole Bartell
Quincy, Florida

Amy Jones

WooHOO! What a great birthday present for dad! :) Congrats Caleb!!! I was thinking you were going to announce a grandchild from Emily already! Have a wonderful turkey day!

dawn and bob davis

God bless you all and CONGRATULATIONS Caleb.

May your Thanksgiving Day and every day be blessed...!

~ Dawn, Bob, Bobby & Alli
The Davis Family

Barb Pastore

Thanks for you all and your giving hearts this holiday season. I too am going through one of those holiday first- we lost my mother after a LONG 6 months of hospitals and care centers and this month would have been her 72nd birthday! It is a challenge to wake up and thank God for this Thanksgiving, especially since not all my family can be together but I am trusting- as I am sure you do too - that He will grant that perfect peace and deep joy to overcome the sadnesses that will inevitably wash over us all! My heart still breaks when I pray for you all as you get on with life without your little precious one, but I KNOW from my own experiences of loosing children that God will give you the grace and peace to get through. (I look forward to rejoining my 3 lost little ones in Heaven when that time comes!!) I will pray for you all this weekend and in the weeks before this first Christmas without your little "spark" although I am sure that your other children will help alot. God bless and thanks for the blog...and thanks for the Goodbye Mr President song too. Oh and Steven I loved the song you wrote for the serviceman recently. I am the daughter of a 22 year veteran and I have 2 brothers who served their times as well as my late husband and my son (although he is still with me). I so appreciate what you said in your song to that member of our armed forces, because I don't think we as a country say thank you to them often enough.


Too Cute! Too bad the girls didn't spill the date sooner! LOL!
Happy Thanksgiving, and congratulations Caleb!
PS: We have a stray pit bull that has lived in our backyard for two weeks now and would love to join your dog too...
God Bless!

Stefanie in Illinois

Yay!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This was so fun - I loved getting to see most of the family! Thank you so much for this personal, fun, silly, and wonderful video! And congrats to Caleb and Julia!!! Thanks for the encouraging words, may God bless you this thanksgiving!

Renee Garcia

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Congratulations Caleb and Julia!!!!! Can't wait to see wedding pictures!


Happy Thanksgiving Chapman's! You've been on my heart and so prayers have been lifted up for you all, especially during this time. I won't take for granted what the Lord has given me. Your story makes me appreciate it all the more.

Congrat's on the engagement. I am so happy for your family that even though the dark days the rays of sunshine can still be seen.

A great song. Thank you for honoring President Bush for all his service to this country and his diligence in keeping us safe. I think history will report great things about this amazing man.


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Congrats Caleb and Julia! still praying for all of you. glad to see you goofy Chapmans coming back to the blog world!
thanks for saying the words to Mr. Bush that need to be said!

cindi m.

Beautiful song; beautiful children; beautiful news; (2) beautiful couples; beautiful hearts; beautiful people.


Jerry Read Smith

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. Congratulations Caleb (and Julia)! And ... thank you so much for the song Steven. These are unprecedented times and I, for one, so appreciate your words put to music. Keep singing my friend. Please continue to uplift your brothers and sisters as you find the strength ... and the inspiration. We will strive to do the work God has provided for each of us as we patiently await our homecoming. We love you and long to dance eternally in the "light of the Lord."

Joni in MN

:) Happy Thanks! Giving! :)

Isn't Blogville Great? HA

Please do ENJOY Today's broadcast at http://www.joycemeyer.org/OurMinistries/Broadcast/TV/Archive/20081126.htm

Dani Robinson

That video was awesome!! I love to see some Chapman's in somewhat of the flesh...lol. The girls were so cute! I was wondering about Caleb and Julie. I saw it on MB's facebook and wasn't sure if I should say something or not....I am sooo happy for them! They are so cute together!! Well anywayz..I am still praying for ya'll daily and especially during this "season". PLease know you are loved by lots!! :)

Love ya'll, Dani

God Follower

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Thanks for your awesome video blog and always sharing your family with us! Love it!
Praying without ceasing~
God Follower

Rebecca H.

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to see everyone making an appearance to those of us who live in "blogville". I take it Max is gonna stay? He looked so sweet on Grace's blog!
Congratulations to Caleb and Julia! I figured it was a matter of time...
Wonderful new song, so glad that you took the time to thank our President. Not enough people realize how hard the job really is.
God bless!


Oh my goodness, laughing so much at sweet Shaohannah!!! Her middle name is perfect for her!!! Stevey Joy is sweet, too. Shaohannah's raspberries during "moving video's" is sure to bring a giggle!!!
Shaohannah, your HOPE shines!!!! Let it shine!!!!

Happy thanksgiving to all the Chapman family and friends....prayers continue.

Angela Gottsch

1961? Wow =)


I'm glad you all decided to keep Max; albeit he appears to have found a home in the garage. ;) It's about time Caleb popped the question to Julia! :D


1961? Hmmm. Math challenged or history challenged?

No surprised that Caleb and Julia are engaged. All of us in bloggerland saw it coming for quite some time! We are very happy for them and know that they will enjoy many happy years together.


C in Franklin

Thanks for sharing the adventures of the Chapman family with us via the blog. I think Max will fit very well into the Chapman clan.
Just know you are prayed for daily.


Elise Nestor

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and CONGRATULATIONS, CALEB!!!! I pray your day is very blessed and special, and that He guides you what will be a tough, but hopefully joyous day tomorrow! Steve, did ya get a PHEASANT???

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