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May 11, 2010


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What an absolutely beautiful, precious gift...both gifts! God is using your family in more ways than you will ever know this side of heaven. Even though we have never met, know our family loves your family!!!


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Praising God for adopting all of us, and giving you and these families the desire to embrace these little ones!!!

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Wow truly a great article, loved the pics! They made me shed a tear :P. You guys are truly an inspiration and that young boy will live a full life. Best wished to all! : )

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I especially love the pic of mom waiting to hold baby;

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I am use this practices, good post for those who want to learn.

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sharing and praying and loving all of us through her Son, Jesus.

Thank you, Mary Beth, for walking on! Thank you for Showing Hope in China and everywhere you are walking.

Benten Oyun

GODS grace, love and mercy fill those pictures it's as if HIS hands took them, I believe HE did

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