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May 07, 2010


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Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view.

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Thanks Marry!! Personally, I am trying to learn recgnize my beliefs in God and Jesus. In many ways, is a slow and frustrating, but all in all, there are happy moments.

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Oh WOW!! What a cool thing for Stevey Joy!! It will definitely be on the gift list in our home.

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Thanks How fun!

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You and your book were the center of church last week. As a result, I got a copy of "Choosing to See" being read allowed. Thank you for sharing this. Personally, I am trying to learn to recgnize my beliefs in God and Jesus. In many ways, it is slow and frustrating, but overall there are moments of joyful recognion. Again, thank you Mary Beth.

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that's awesome! Congrats to Stevey !

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I absolutely loved the first one, so I can't wait to hear this one!!


WoW! How much fun is she having in those pics? How much fun will she have being a Veggie? She is so beautiful, and it is clear that she is already living her great hope and future (Jeremiah 29:11).


Am I the biggest dork for getting teary eyed at seeing this post? Oh those heart&soul connections of God....they take my breath away! Sometimes I have to live on those knowing God is whispering "Yes, this is me, I am still with you."


Peggy Wiley

Our little Emma was adopted from China 3 yrs ago. She's gonna love this!!

Sherrie Johnson

That is SO much fun!! My daughter and her friends got into VT in high school! Mama got hooked too! Can't wait!! So happy for Stevey! Prayin' still!

Southern Gal

That's so great! I'll bet she had a ball. Can't wait to see and 'hear' it.

Cindy K, MN

How fun! :) I bet Stevey Joy is so excited!
Thanks for sharing the fun...and the joy!!!

Isn't it amazing when those things happen that have that
heart & soul connection?!
God is funny...when you realize the connections and think... .."Hey.."...and you can feel the smile and reassurance...SO awesome!

Prayers remain with you all!


I have always loved rhubarb pie! Now, I'll have a great reason to get the DVD for our younger boys. Not just because of rhubarb, but because of your daughter being the rhubarb! : )


How exciting! Of course Mamas are exempt from no sharing!


Cant Wait!!! How exciting and fun!!


How fun!!

We'll be looking forward to the new video this Christmas.


that is awesome! Congrats!

Amy M

How incredibly awesome for Stevey Joy! What a great experience for her. And now I've had 2 Veggie Tales "encounters" in one day. In an interesting twist, my 20 yr old came home last night, spent the night (& of course did his laundry), and told us today he watched Rack, Shack, & Benny before he went to bed last night, then woke up singing the theme song from it this morning. :)
Hope this is so FUN for Stevey Joy! And all the Chapmans!

Heather EV

YAY!!! That's AWESOME!


oh my goodness!! i don't know who will be more excited at Christmas when this comes out.. me or my daughters!!! So super excited for Stevey Joy.. what a neat thing to be able to do!!
Was Larry as cool in person as on the movies!!??


Oh WOW!! What a cool thing for Stevey Joy!! It will definitely be on the gift list in our home.

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