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May 20, 2010


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Thanks See, I have a most unusual, wonderful relationship with my grandparents.


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What a pleasure for these students to engage with their grandparents at school. When I was in school, Grandparents' Day did not exist. Then, when it did, I was in high school, and Grandparents' Day was only for the little bitties, through sixth grade. Oh, how I would have loved to have brought my grandparents to school with me for just one day.

See, I have a most unusual, wonderful relationship with my grandparents. I've even spent-the-night as an adult, and the only reason I don't now is because my husband loves his bed too much (i.e. back problems). Anyway, we still meet just to eat a meal, walk the mall, or hang out at their house any day they are available, throughout the year. I'm 28 now, and have never nor will I ever take it for granted what kind of relationship I have with both of them....the only grandparents I've ever known.

Vanessa (from Nebraska)

What a fun day!

Jennifer b.

The pictures our lovely! your hole family is lovely! always praying for you guys

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