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May 19, 2009


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Haha I absolutely LOVE Spring cleaning! I know that sounds really weird especially considering I am 17 years old and I am supposed to hate everything about being clean, but I am very proud to say that my bedroom is the cleanest in the house and my Mommy didn't even have to help me...I am very sorry about the lice though. :[ I heard that they are attracted to blonde hair so I wonder if thats why your girls only had a few. I am glad you had all those nice washers and dryers for all of the laundry you had. I have 5 siblings myself (3 boys and 3 girls) and I might not be the oldest child (I am the 3rd), but I am the oldest girl and always got stuck doing laundry as my chore because my parents only trusted me to do it. I understand that sometimes there is just to much laundry to do and you have to take it all else where. So with that said if you ever need any help with cleaning just let me know. lol. ;]

I don't know if any of you noticed but Mr. Chapman himself is in the picture doing laundry..lol =]


My goodness. I'm going to be paranoid now.
I just feel like things are crawling all over me. (:

I will still be praying for you. I can't begin to imagine how hard it is to lose a daughter. I thought of you almost every minute on the 21st and even though I had a birthday on the 24th, I still kept thinking about you as much as possible.

We will see Maria in Eternity!

God bless you and your family.

Debra M.

Sometimes the enemy is a roaring lion trying to intimidate us, and sometimes, he is just a pest! - Biting and nipping at us to bring a sense of torment. What a great God we serve who even uses our enemy to bring us good. One of my favorite words in the Bible is "lovingkindness". His lovingkindness endures forever. When God told Moses his name, he used that word. We love you so much, Mary Beth, because He does, and because you love Him back so freely. Blessings & prayers always.


I remember the time my son got lice. My husband brought him to me and said to check him. Yep critters!
My son kept protesting and asking why we were leaving the store so fast. Frustrated I blurted out once he was in the car "You have bugs!"
Oh no wrong thing to say. He FREAKED! He has always hated creepy crawly things like bugs and spiders. Now there were bugs on his head LIVING there.My husband gave me a sarcastic smile and said "Nice going mom!"


Mary Beth,

I found the secret to getting rid of lice. We had them over and over and over and over. Doing everything that you stated, and MORE after a while. We kinda went a little crazy treating them and still couldn't get rid of them. Finally, I came to a conclusion, treat with the lice shampoo again in 3!!! days. The bugs get on the hair and lay eggs. The eggs hatch in 10-14 days. The lice medicine doesn't kill the eggs. So in 10 days the bugs are laying eggs again that can't be killed. It's an endless cycle.

So if you treat again in 3 days after 1st treatment you get rid of the lice before they are able to lay eggs.

Confusing I know, but trust me, if you still have a problem, go with my advise.

Socorro Alaniz

Well, ladies... I live in Southern California (is this considered "the South"?) and let me let you in on our little secret... lice are alive and well here in San Diego! With two grown girls who were at one time in school, this was something I knew to expect at least twice a year. Oh! the expense of treatments, sprays, laundry, bagging favorite toys, and pillows... and then repeating everything in 7 days... Arrrgg!
My daughters all grown, if they get lice... they are on their own... because I am done!
Well, no...not really... I now have a baby granddaughter... so I will start saving now in our "lice fund".
Blessings and prayers to your family.

Tara Stucky

I woke up this morning overwhelmed with sorrow for you. I called out to my savior to help each of you through the day. Then tonight I sat watching a dance practice for my nine year old daughter who was created just for me in India. She is getting ready for a dance show next week and guess what song? It is a father/daughter dance to Cinderella. It was very emotional .........my daughter always dances for God, but tonight she was dancing for the Chapmans as well. Mary Beth, I have prayed for you for years.........even on the night Maria went to be with Jesus(before I knew) God layed you on my heart and I prayed for you. Thank you for your example, your testimony, your honesty, and what you do for orphans! Our family recieved a grant from you for our son who is also from India. We are FOREVER grateful and I will continue to pray for you.....Tara

Raylene King

Mary Beth,

I too have faced the fearsome lice problem! I remember when the preschool teacher let us know we were "infested"! I too felt near panic and called my mother long distance in tears to find out what to do.!..as with you it was pretty easily remedied.....
I also think I understand your feelings about facing this first anniversary.....we lost two babies to miscarriage many years ago, but I remember dreading facing the date that our baby would have been born on...especially since two neighbors also had babies that month....but like you, the prayers of friends and comfort of the Holy Spirit saw me through....
Love and Prayers,


OK, I am with you on living in the south and not avoiding those things. One of our boys is into the longer hair look right now and I am constantly looking in his hair. So far, so good, but I'm worried. Those things are everywhere. We are here in F too and our school had another little critter that was even more ICK. Won't go into details but a not went home, and I was totally paranoid but we managed to avoid it thank goodness.

I wanted to say that your latest post is just amazing. You are walking this road that you did not and still do not want to be on, and I can't help but think He is thinking "well done". Our daughter from China is not well and her life expectancy is far shorter b/c of her heart defects, and I think often of how many days she might have left and then I start dwelling on all the what ifs. Then I realize that He knows all her days, and so that gives me peace that is unexplainable. Thank you again for your REAL-ness.

Pat Gillule

Oh dear...I have been in your shoes! We have two daughters from China and one from Korea. Those little critters LOVE that long black hair! A few years ago, my girls came home with the drug-resistant type. It was horrible--I ended up with them also! We even ended up throwing out the couch because I thought they might be living in that! Several hundred dollars later and a call to the Board of Health, I learned of a local doctor who makes his own solution. It is all natural (tea tree oil, eucalyptus, etc.) and it knocked the little buggars right out. Amazingly, he said not to bother to treat the house or to even worry about vacuuming. This stuff dries the lice and nits from the inside out, and they basically dissolve. Since then, our girls have been blessed with lice a few times--especially my Korean-born daughter who has very thick hair strands. If you ever get stuck, let me know and I'll be happy to send you some. The pediatrician who made it is from Pakistan, and his daughter had a bad case of them several years ago. I don't know where we'd be without it!

My heart goes out to your entire family. Maria had a presence much like my youngest daughter, and I can't even begin to imagine your pain over losing her. Thank you for your pure honesty and for letting us walk alongside you. God is using you to teach others how to live through the deepest sorrow ever, one hour at a time. You and your family are always in my prayers, and I hope that God comforts and wraps you in His arms tonight.

Thanks for being so "real" on the lice thing. As a teacher, I can tell you there is still sometimes a stigma attached to it for kids. Maybe you just helped reduce that!



Our family has been thinking of your family all day...We prayed for you at New Song Christian Academy this morning...

but I have to tell you something funny....
Hallelujah! It's good to know we are not the only ones with lice... I told the doctor yesterday at Brentwood Children's Clinic...I think I'm going insane....I've gone insane with cleaning...If you need a good laugh cry call me....I've been cleaning around the clock...My sister said the reason we got the critters is because we are clean...People with dirty hair don't get them...haha..
We love you MaryBeth...


As a member of the same club, those of us who have lost a child....I pray for you. May God continue to give you strength and peace.

Stacie Bosquez

We did the lice thing a year ago or so and boy it is alot of work. My hubby is the clean freak and he checked us all thoroughly:) Our oldest son was doing homework and he had a buzz cut and scratched his head. Looked on his paper and saw a bug. After examining it and going to the internet we realized it was lice. I think someone had it for a while to have a critter that BIG:( Our younger son had thick longer hair and needles to say my husband ran to the drug store and about $100 later came home to make sure we all did the needed procedure. Love how you realize God's hand in your journey:)
Love to you all!


Lice are such a pain, but what a blessing in disguise it may have been for you at this moment during this week. I really think it is a divine intervention in a very different way. Many hugs and prayers to your family. I pray your suffering diminishes each day until you are with Maria in the Big House.

June Vendetti

Dear Mary Beth,

Indeed, God does work in mysterious ways! Yes, He did create a diversion for you, because he didn't want you to be upset, because of Maria.

While lice can certainly be pesky, God wanted you to be busy doing something, so that your mind would be occupied.

You handled the situation quite well, under the circumstances. You see, God is helping you to get through this most difficult time in a most unusual way!

God Bless all of You!

Toni Glamann

Perspective is a word I have been pondering since yesterday. Hadn't read your post yet. We found out our 6 year old is missing 10 permanent teeth in her head with little chance that any will develop. I am praying for that little chance to happen anyway. I have had Maria's anniversary on my mind and while I was taking in all this information and trying to process it, I reminded myself that it wasn't a fatal or even degenerative diagnosis. What you are going through cannot compare to this news. So inconvenient as it will be for us and ultimately my daughter, I am striving to process all of this in light of your loss and keep it all in perspective. I am continuing to pray for you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you for being so open with your feelings and struggles. You are helping more people than you know.

Angela Caldwell

Mary Beth! I know all too well what havoc those pesky little varmints called lice can do to a person, it is almost a year ago in June that I diacovered, on the day of my son's 8th grade graduation party literally 2 houre before..that my 8 year old daughter was infested!! It was horrible! could push any sane person over the edge!!my other daughter who was 9 mos. old at the time only had a few and luckily she didn't have a lot of hair!!! it was horrible...I would take 24 hours of kids puking all over the place over lice...I about had a nervous breakdown!!! I still go crazy when I see my daughter itch her head..and absolutely will not purchase or try on ANY hats at any store!!! lol! with that being said, May God continue to bless and comfort your family in knowing that Maria is safe, and will be there to give you the bestest hugs and kisses imagineable when you see her again!!
God Bless!
Angela Caldwell


Oh, girl! We have been down that licey road too! NOOOOOO fun! Makes me itch just thinkin' about it! Our 'incident' happened many years ago but the thought of those little buggers still make me itchy!

Congrats on the early spring cleaning! Check that off of your list! :) Who would've thought that lice could be a good thing?

kathy naylor

was it Corrie Ten Boom that said that they were thankful for the lice, as it kept the Nazi's away from the bunk houses????


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I lost my 2nd baby to Trisomy 18 hours after he was born 13 years ago. The first year was the hardest. Today, the pain is still there but has lessened.

God gave you one heck of a very needed (but icky) distraction!

Christina Ruhlig

Praying for you and your family today. Looking forward to meeting your beautiful Maria some day soon in our TRUE home.

sandy barnard

Your family has been on my mind all morning. Praying for many things for each of you this day.
Praying in Oklahoma

Alison Lewis

I'm praying that you and your family will feel God's loving arms cradling you tightly today. You guys are loved by many, but most importantly loved by the Father!

Terri B

Even though I never post to the comments, I have been a fan for a very long time had I'll Br Here sang at our wedding and love the work you do for adoption. God put it on my heart to adopt 15 years ago and that became reality almost 3 years ago. We also have 4 of our own. I do come here every day since May 22nd when that moening I could not believe my ears and was praying I had heard wrong! We had just seen SCC in concert on that valentines day in houston it couldn't be! I did mourn with you and still pray for you and your family very often! Will continue to pray :) Love all of you even though we have never met. God Bless you today!

In Him
Terri B

Cathy Coleman

MaryBeth, this just in in my inbox

"Possible Lice‏" from my little guys baseball coach! Ahhhh, gotta love it. Hopefully I won't be in the laundro-mat but hey is Steven available this weekend if needed as a helper. :-)

Blessings and prayers have been going up for you all month, they continue with fervor today.


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