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April 03, 2009


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adorable - I couldn't have made a float that nice, much less the bear. I cry almost every time I visit your blog, and I am not a crier. I just still hurt so much for you.


That bear is SO adorable!!! I turned my childrens' baby clothes into quilts for each of them for their 1st birthdays, but I never thought of turning them into teddy bears! I love the idea!!!

BTW, I'm beyond impressed that you pulled together such an awesome float overnight! How did you do it!?


((((Mary Beth)))))...
You are amazing! What a fantastic idea to create "Maria's" bear. I am in awe of all the ways you honor your sweet girl. Did you actually make that bear...as in sew it?? If you did, that's a talent since you had only one day to put it together. I love these updates...please keep sharing!

We love you guys...


once again you win the awesomest mom award!
you are quite crafty MBC!


The bear is adorable. I know Stevey Joy
will treasure it forever.
Great job Mom!!
Have fun at the game, sounds like fun
going with the boys, sometimes Mom's
have to have some Mom/Son time together.

Claudine T - Maryland


Truly your children will rise up and call you blessed. The grace of God at work in your life is amazing.

Knowing your pain...the catastrophic sadness...and then something like this in one day -- not simply the giftedness & creativity -- the heart!

You've given us many opportunities to "taste & SEE that the Lord is good."

Come quickly Lord. Fill this dear saint with waves of grace and floods of mercy as she waits to SEE You and her precious "nugget" face to face.

Praying daily,

Claudine T - Maryland

PS - UNC Tarheels :)


Forty-seven years ago, just before my wedding, my grandmother gave me a comforter she had made from clothes that she had sewn for me and I had worn as a child, and some of her own 'house-dresses.' Whenever I look at my comforter, I see us both as we were long ago wearing those clothes and feel the love that sewed them together. Mary Beth, you have a beautiful and thoughtful mind. Your children are blessed. Prayers continue for you and yours. Janice


The bear is adorable and I know it means alot to SJ because my daughter has one made from her dad's clothing and she loves it.

UNC-Tarheels for the win!!

Enjoy the game!!

Lori and Abigail
Carolina Girls

My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving

Root for UNC!!


melody weaver

cute float. you are so creative. as for basketball...go with michigan state...hope they beat unc on monday...i am a duke fan, so whoever plays against unc gets my vote.

God Bless

Barbara Goulet

Amazing! You made that "BEUTIFUL" bear in a day! I couldn't have done that in a month! I love it and it is yet another truly beautiful expression of your love for Maria. God Bless and many prayers for you all! Enjoy the game, my almost 14 year old would love to be there too...I wouldn't mind either...fun stuff witht he boys.

Be Blessed,


BEE-U-TEE-FULL! Thank you so much for sharing. Will have to borrow this sweet idea. Am so touched!

Enjoy the mom-boy day. Time for sure he won't forget. So important. Huge hugs.

Lindsay in MI

MSU!!! Of course I am from MI;) This is so exciting for us! Great game tonight! Love and prayers and wishing you and Will a great time!

cindi m.

The float is absolutely adorable; I know SJ was proud to pull it.

As long as we all agree that it's only a ballgame, I will venture to say:


Love from.....................NC.


I love that the teddy bear was made with Maria's clothes. What a sweet and beautiful idea. :) As for who to root for? I don't think that will matter one bit to your sweet boy and his friend. :) Have fun with your family. God Bless!!

Lisa :)


Mary Beth~ Great idea with the bear made out of Maria's clothing. That will be a special keepsake for years and years to come.
As for the FINAL FOUR...GO NOVA!! We are all rooting for NOVA here but wishing that my friends dad was here to share it with us. He was a huge NOVA fan and has been waiting for this for years...sadly he passed Christmas day after a battle with cancer.

Linda Peel

My team the UL CARDINALS are NOT playing today. I don't know whether to root for Michigan State, thinking we could say we were beaten by the National Champs or root for a Big East team that we have beaten.( Villanova). Have a GREAT time at the games. I LOVE MARCH MADNESS ! Linda (ULCARDSFAN.blogspot)

Tricia W.

Dear Mary Beth - thanks for sharing your heart. I pray for you so very often.

On the final 4 thing, as a die hard Wake Forest fan, I suggest, ABC - anyone but Carolina. We are going with Villanova in this house. Mark was born an raised outside of Philadelphia.

I hope you have fun with your guys. Tricia


The bear and wagon are adorable! Great job!

Go UNC! As a Duke fan, you probably can't bring yourself to cheer for them, though...:) Have a blast at the games! I'll be watching from home.


They are so stickin cute!!!! Thanks for sharing Stevey Joy's floats. That is something she will cherish forever! And have Your precious little Maria apart of her forever!!! Prayers are still Flyin your way!!!!

Melody M

I love the Teddy Bear. It's a great way to honor Maria. I am sure that Stevey Joy will treasure that bear forever knowing that it had some f her twin sister/best friend clothing on it. You're welcome for all of the prayers. I am still keeping you and your family in my prayers. I will always.


Mary Beth, what a wonderful way to honor Maria- I'm sure Stevey Joy will treasure that bear forever. Even more wonderful though, is the "SEE" on the back of the float. What an awesome reminder that the God who made us is right now holding our children for us, and as hard as it is to admit it, He's taking better care of them than we ever could.

Thank you so much for giving us a window into your lives. I'm sure that living in the public eye is very difficult. You are such an inspiration and a testament to the grace of Christ.

Much love and many prayers,


How lucky to have those basketball tickets! My husband thinks NC will take it all, but I am pulling for Michigan State (go Big Ten)!! Have a blast!

Dianna @ Sincerely Me

How adorable. So cute.

Brandy Turnage

You are so talented!! Great job with the teddy bear. It's something Stevie Joy will cherish forever! You are a WONDERFUL mom!

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