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June 24, 2010


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I'e seen various places on the web that have an October 10 date for Austin, but it's not on the official list. Is that one of the cities that's being finalized?


Thanks for all you do... your hard work is not unnoticed. Not only are you a great manager, but you are a great friend to the Chapman's... and you know how to guard their hearts. Thank you for taking good care of them. :-)

2010 will be the first year in a while that I won't see SCC in concert; live close enough to Westerville, OH, but will be on my New England vacation at that time. I'm holding on to hope that the spring will bring him (and maybe MBC too) to Pittsburgh.

Again, thanks for all you do... :-)

Shaun Sutton

When is the single "Beauty Will Rise" hitting the airwaves? I live in the Kansas City area and haven't yet heard the song. I thought the song was to be released for airplay several weeks ago.


Please come to Pittsburgh soon! We will have a brand new venue replacing the aged Mellon Arena.


Whew! That's a lot of information, Jim! Thanks so much for clarifying--we really appreciate all you do, Jim! God Bless You!

Rhonda Renneker

Sooooooooooo disappointed that the Chapman tour is not coming to southern CA...sobs :(
Thanks so much Jim for all you do and for this very detailed and helpful email..Please please do all you can to get them here in the spring of 2011!...we will keep hoping and waiting on the Lord's timing. So thankful that these concerts are
happening even if I cannot attend this time.
Please let them know how much they will be missed on the west coast. Continuing prayers go with you all.


Hi, how do you request a song for Steven's sets at A Night With the Chapmans? I'd LOVE to hear With Hope when he comes to Elgin, IL. That song meant the world to me after I lost my daughter in 1998! Also, Be Still!!! thanks!

Cathy Transue


What are the 3 SATs exceptions, in regards to the Q&A's schedule. In other words, which concerts will have the Q&A's?

Again Jim, thanks for your great "managing" and loving of the SCC family! Would still love to me you sometime -- will you be in NYC possibly this time?

In Christ,
Cathy from Philly area


I have my "Platinum" tickets for Elgin, IL! :) The link on the SCC tour page for this date goes to Edan concerts, and I didn't see the "Night With Chapmans" tour listed there. I bought my tickets through itickets.com


As always, Jim, thank you so much for sharing what you can. We on the west coast are VERY sad to be missing the Chapmans this time around, but will pray for something even better in the spring. :) After all... Spring IS Coming... :D

To all my easterly friends (who I know will read here!), take pictures and have FUN at the shows we over here are missing!!!


Hi Jim,

Thanks. Was curious how to purchase VIP tickets to attend the Q&A.

Michelle cole

You make me laugh Jim! We love all you have done and continue to do! The chapmans are blessed to have you and your family in their lives .


Will there not be a Q&A in Elgin, IL on Sat Oct 23 - because the SCC & MBC are at a Women of Faith event earlier that same day?

Mike Lee

Jim - Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Will keep an eye out for dates on the west coast next year maybe. Much love to the whole Chapman clan! :)


Jim, you're terrific... thanks for catching us up! Still bummed I won't get to see "An Evening With The Chapmans" here in SoCal... Maybe next time around, Lord willing! I do, I do, I do, I do believe we'll have to make it to the Harvest Crusades this fall! Two of my faves... SCC and Pastor Greg Laurie!

Joan Power, CO

I'm sorry, for all the grief people give you.
Thank you for guarding them. People, fans or not, can be rude and opinionated, and just not realize how talking about their loss "ALL THE TIME" can really wear on a persons nerves. It's been over 30 some years since we have been in the news, lot more controversy, LOT MORE NEGATIVE PRESS, EVERY YEAR, and talking about our situation still makes me feel like I've got marbles rattling around my heart and head.
THANK YOU, JIM, for the HUGE job you do. I'm of the mind we do not have a right to know.
What they want and you want to share, is one thing, being told to share for fans, is more like the Christian Gossip News. We don’t have a right to know.
They have to take care of themselves, close off some of their hearts as they have only been RIPPED open. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, for being their shield. Protect your selves aggressively. I'm sorry if I sound rude. I hope 99% of the time you see people caring and supporting what you all are doing! I am someone who, at our lowest, received a GOD given anchor through some of SCC's music.

Joan Power, CO

To all those who posted before me,I should have read before I posted. Thanks for your "positive" and supporting comments, even if you don't have a NIGHT WITH THE CHAPMANS coming to your area!
I echo the sentiment of one: please post pictures, or let us know where we can view your pictures when they come to UR area!

Cheryl Marshall

hmm... I purchased 2 tickets to the Durham, NC show (10/14) as soon as I saw them come available. I purchased Gold Seating. I read this tonight and went back to check and now there is a VIP option. I would've picked the VIP option had it been a choice. Anyway to upgrade or undo this?

Thanks for all your hard work, Jim. You rock!

Cheryl Marshall

Well I 'fixed' the problem of having bought two 'Gold' seating tickets to the 10/14 Durham, NC show before the VIP ones went on sale: I just bought two VIP ones too! Now I have to sell (discounted of course) the two Gold tickets.

Now my question is:
How do we submit questions for the Q+A and/or request a song?

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