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May 13, 2009


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Praying Jim...for the Chapmans, you, and everyone else who knew and loved Maria. I pray that God will help all of you to make it through the day. May He give you all some rest tonight.
Jenny (from NY)


Praying for them.


Praying for all of you.


Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Maria
and praying for the family :)



shannon blake

I pray for them every single day. I dont think I can ever pray enough for them. I too have lost a little one & I will never get over it. But it has gotten a bit easier. I pray that one day they too can hope it will be a bit easier. Take care & may God bless you always.


Daily. Hourly. Always.


Praying for the family. Happy Birthday, Maria.


Praying. I can only imagine what it's like to lose a child.


Praying for all of you: the Chapmans, friends, and extended family.


Prayers continue.




Jim, I sobbed in the shower this morning, just as I do on my son's birthday. The prayers will be coming without ceasing today. I wish I could give all of you a real life hug, but I guess a virtual one will have to so.

Much love,

Brenda Adrian

Continuing to pray!!!!


Posted on Mary Beth's blog tonight. However, wanted to come across here and say we're praying for you too. Whilst the Chapmans will be hurting, we're aware that those close to them - yourself and family, Grace and family, and others - will be hurting too.

As I put on mary Beth's blog - grieve, and grieve with hope. We are thinking of you all.


praying on & on

Charlotte Jones

Praying hard today and through next week, Jim.

elizabeth from wi

lotts of love and many prayers are being prayed on behalf of this family everyday but even more over the coming days. we love them so very much.
carrying them to our big daddy in heaven from wisconsin.
much love




Continuing to pray for this precious family


Lifting this family up to the throne of God.Thank you for posting, i know i say that for all of us here. May God be with you each step of this journey. michelle

Cheryl & Mike Marshall

Praying for all the Chapmans today and wishing cutie Maria a Happy Birthday in her Big, Big House with a Big, Big Birthday Cake <3

I know the pain is great, but this day has to be remembered and celebrated. It's the day our small world was blessed with a precious little girl.

Love and prayers to all the Chapmans today and every day.

Sharon - Ontario CA

Praying for this precious family and all who love and surround them.

cindi m.

We're here.

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