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May 11, 2009


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Jim, our prayers continue. Such a heart felt post. They are so blessed to be loved by so many. Praying that God will carry you all on wings like eagles.

Kelly @ Love Well

I believe God is already moving in the hearts of many of us who support and love the Chapmans to carry them to Jesus the next few weeks. We have watched as they celebrated all these great occasions of joy the last few months. But we also know the anniversaries of May are hard.

Sweet Jesus, I can imagine no greater privilege than gently laying the Chapmans at your feet. Balm their wounds with your calming presence, and let them taste your love even in the midst of sorrow. Bless them for their service, even as you take them deeper. We ask it for your glory.


I'm so glad the wedding was happy and beautiful and everything they hoped for!
I'll be praying these next few weeks.

Kelly Burton

We have not and will not stop praying.

Thank you for everything, Jim. You are such a blessing to the Chapman family & the family of God!


Please let the Chapmans know that their family continues to be in our prayers. Our sweet daughter will be four years old on Wednesday and as I prepare for her celebration I can't help but think about Mary Beth and how she should also be planing a birthday celebration. We will be being praying extra hard as the family passing by Maria's first birthday in heaven and her "angel day".


As always, prayers continue...united as one in the Body of Christ.

Thank you, Jim, for all you have done, continue to do and will do.


Oh, it sounds like it was so beautiful! I was praying for the rain to stop, and that everyone would be able to enjoy the time.

Then this morning, my prayers change- I know that let-down after a busy time is so hard. When you have something to focus on, it seems easier to push the pain aside. But then it's over, people go on their way, and then there's quiet- too quiet- and the heart that was ripped to shreds, which you thought was starting to heal- gets ripped apart all over again.

I remember that first birthday, that first Mother's Day, and that first anniversary of my Zachary going to be with Jesus. Oh, it is so hard! It breaks my heart that you, Jum, and the Chapmans have to feel this too.

Jim, I'm sobbing just sitting here typing- and I know that my tears will flow frequently for all of you. I just pray that the peace that passes all understanding will guard you hearts in Christ Jesus.

I honestly believe, that while everyone will have limitless joy when we're called Home, those of us who have had to bury a child will rejoice even more when we hold our child in our arms again.

Praise God that He sent His son for us- so that we could be called up to heaven to be with Him- and have the promise of a precious reunion with all of our loved ones who have gone before.

Vanessa Schaecher (from Nebraska)

I continue to pray...almost with every breath...for this sweet family. Thank you, Jim, for this heartfelt post giving us another glimpse of the joys & valleys for the Chapmans. I am SO very glad that the wedding/reception went so beautifully & that they got to have such a mountaintop experience with it. Now as they move into some tougher days, I pray that they will know how much they are loved...by so many people...and by Jesus!

Kevin in Paducah

A privilege to continue lifting them up to our Savior.


Life is full of happy and sad times that is present in all of our lives (whether we are famous or not). The internet is a great invention but it doesn't replace our personal friends who we live these moments out with us. That's where our focus should be imo.


They will be on my heart and in my prayers!


PRAYING FOR THE CHAPMANS & THEIR DEAR FRIENDS. The wedding sounds perfect. Best wishes to the happy couple. May God hold you all a little bit closer and tighter in the next few weeks. Much Love

Dan Walraven

I, too, type through tears, Jim. Once again, thank you for taking us inside to something so sacred and so special.

Yes, my mind has been continually on the Chapmans as we move through the month of May. It will no be easy. Oh, yes, the God they love and sing about will get them through--that's a given--but it will still hurt.

And stepping back a little further, we pray for those like you who work with/for the Chapmans. You need prayer and grace as you watch and assist those you serve walk through difficult days. You hurt, too.

"His strength is perfect when our strength is gone..." So true in song. So true in life.

God bless you all!


Have been praying, and will continue too....send them all our love.


Congrats to the new bride and groom. Prayers for the wonderful, sweet family that has inspired so many of us this past year. And thanks Jim for always being such a great bridge between the Chapmans and their fans!


The urgency to pray has a tendency to pass once we start to witness healing. It's only human. Still the Chapmans have never been far from my mind and so often in my prayers over the last year. But as others have said, the tears are flowing again now that these anniversaries loom on the horizon.
Jim, thanks again for you faithfulness. It is good to see the transparent heart of a friend. It's hard for those of us on the outside to truly know what they go through, but we so appreciate being allowed to share in their sorrows and their joys!
A wise man once said...

Let us pray, let us pray
Everywhere and every way
Every moment of the day
It is the right time.
Let us pray without end
And when we finish start again
Like breathing out and breathing in
Oh let us pray!
Oh let us pray!

Karen B.

I echo Sherrie's comment. My prayers have waned a bit in recent months, though they picked up again big time around the Doves and have been continuing. I will be praying daily throughout May.

Everytime I hear one of Steven's songs come up in my iTunes shuffles (which is frequent as I have more songs by him - every album - in my iTunes mix than any other artist) I will be praying.

What a privilege to carry this family to Jesus and to watch how he helps them SEE His glory and His love even in the midst of such sorrow. I have been profoundly touched by the header quote on Mary Beth's blog. Wow....

Christine Gordon

feelin' the joys and the aches with all of you....as I look at Maria's smile on my memo board each day on the postcard the Chapmans' sent........I pray and promise to every day......for peace that passes understanding....for hope that they will see her again together with the ONE who gave her to them.

you are all being loved right now in MA
Christine Gordon and Family

"she still spins and she sways...." because she is with HIM.........she literally SEES the dance will go on.

melody weaver

praying still!

God be with you all.

Chris M

Thanks for sharing Jim. Sounds like a wonderful wedding. And as always we will be praying for the next few weeks.

Karen B.

Here is the header on Mary Beth's blog that I referred to in my comment above - it has SO challenged me in recent weeks:

"Love of God is pure when joy and suffering inspire an equal degree of gratitude"

Wow. We've have seen the Chapmans continually offering thanks to God even in the most deep suffering imaginable. It has been an inspiration, and I pray they will continue to find much gratitude welling up in their hearts in the coming days - that they will even be surprised by joy, even as they are reminded in fresh ways of their sorrow and loss.


Hello, Jim,

Believe me, the prayers for all of the Chapmans have & will continue. Bless you for your heartfelt post.


Thank you for the update on the wedding. How wonderful for the Chapman's to have a happy celebration.
My prayers are with the Chapman's and you and the staff as you all go through this next 2 difficult weeks.

Praying with Hope,
Remembering that God is STILL God,
New York

The Ackleys from Kettering, Ohio

Our prayers have been with the Chapmans daily since May 21, 2008. Our thoughts and prayers will continue with them in these trying days ahead. May God bring circumstances their way to distract and also uplift each of them! Peace & Rest!

Sharon in Ontario

Tears are streaming down once again as I read your post Jim. So heartfelt. So moving. It is an honour to be praying for this precious family & all who surround them. May you each sense God's loving presence and strength as He carries you through these difficult days.

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