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July 30, 2008


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Tanya Robinson

If just one person is affected, it is all worth it, right? :-) See you at the Biltmore! I can't wait!!!

Safe travels!


I am going to the Biltmore concert and am sooo excited. 2 more days... Yippee!!!

Stacy Featherston

Still praying for all of you...thanks for the updates!

Michelle L. Springfield, MO

That's so awesome!! We are still keeping the Chapman's and their extended family (including you, Jim) in our prayers. Our hearts still ache for them. I have seen some of the concert footage on you tube of the festivals he has done. It's heartbreaking, but I know they are holding on to the truth and that the healing is beginning. Thank you for the updates on this family who is loved by so many!

valerie (in TX)

Hey blog friends, don't know if any of you have heard, but a story about Steven's concert in Chicago is on the K-love news today. In the story, Jennifer James tells how Steven said at the concert that he is experiencing God's "peace that passes understanding." We praise You, Jesus, for covering him and filling him with Your peace! Thank You, Lord, for allowing all of us the privilege of being even the tiniest participant with You through our prayers.

"The fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much." Our prayers for the Chapmans are being effective...God is hearing and answering...please, keep praying! :)

You can also find this story on the news page at K-love's website, and here's a link you can follow to read the article in the Daily Herald.


CAUTION: There are some pretty negative comments at the end of the Daily Herald story....it is after all a secular publication. Read with caution. :)

Hope everyone has an awesome, blessed day!

jill p.

Why am I so far away?!? What could be better than enjoying my favorite MLB team & SCC? Oh well. Maybe SCC will play Springfield or Branson sometime soon (you know, there's a Target and lots of fun shopping at the outlets and Branson Landing for MB and the Shaoey and Stevey Joy would love Silver Dollar City). Jim, if the Chapmans are needing some quality time away from it all, seriously, Branson would be the place to go, along with NW Arkansas. Still praying and holding on to His promises!


Thanks for the update! Very cool and sure brings a smile to you all am sure.

Thanks for posting link Valerie, lots of positive comments and prayers now being posted on that site!

Amy D.

If we could have swung it, we totally would have jetted over to Turner Field for the game and the concert. We'll be visiting family in 'Bama (2 hrs from Atlanta...I miss Braves games!). I pray the weather's good and the turnout is even better. Hey, even if the stands may not be full (hard to imagine!), God has exactly who he wants in those seats!!!

We're having to trust our TiVo to record the GMA and Larry King Live segments....eek! I don't know how we'll adjust to a week without our beloved TiVo...... ;-)

I read the article, Val. Thanks for posting it!

robin richardson

I really wish I could go to the Biltmore concert!


Wonder who will be there this weekend...hmm...gee, I don't know. ;) Praying for the Chapman family on this 10 week "anniversary" of laying Maria into the arms of Jesus.


Wow - Valerie in TX I just read only the first page of comments and you are right..very negative - definitely read with caution!!

I will have to go to the Braves website to see the rest. Thanks for all you do Jim!

God bless all of you both who support and work with Steven and band and you blog family!


I'm leaving this afternoon to fly 900 miles for the Biltmore concert! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it- I'll see you Friday night!

Lori Powers, Kentucky

See you at the Biltmore on Friday!


Come back to MICHIGAN, pleeeeaaaassseee. :D


As my nephew said once when he was about three years of age, "OH... (insert giggle, giggle, giggle here...)BIG FUN!!!!!!" I am glad that God gives us believers fun opportunities, too, when it comes to being able to share Him with others.

Wish I could be at the Hotlanta Braves game this weekend(it's a shame we'll miss it because Atlanta is SOOOO very close!), but we are starting a new church year on Sunday. I will be in my usual spot in the orchestra on Sunday am! We will be thinking about you guys. (Oh and cheer the Braves on for us, too while you are there... :))

Keeping you close in prayer. Praying that you will reach many, many folks!


Leaving Ohio today for the Biltmore, first time to SCC in concert, how is this possible?


i like the "legendary" status! Very nice... Not close enough for me. :(

joseph and karen


In the midst of your crazy schedule you are so great in shraing some time to keep us updated with the Chapman family and concert tours.

We thank the Lord for your service and continuing to lift up SCC, MB, Emily, Caleb, Will, Shaoey and Stevey as they heal and follow God's calling.

With Much Love and Prayers.

Tanya Robinson

There are, what, six of us going to Biltmore! Yippee! Wish we could somehow mark ourselves!

Debbie from Ohio

Now that's a homerun! Totally AWESOME! Thanks for the info!

elizabeth ~in wisconsin

oh man, that is SWEET!!
and the Braves will be playing my beloved Brewers...GO BREWERS!!
i hope many will stick around afterwards and cheer on SCC (and family). how cool.


Thanks for blogging Jim! I am praying for this concert that ppl will see their need for Jesus and will take Steven's words to heart. I do believe that ppl will be changed by being there :) Continue to praise Him! Go SCC! Praying for all...

Thanks Valerie, for the link to the article. There are a lot of negative comments, but aren't there always when it comes to faith? It will not stop me from believing! God bless each one of you :)
-Jenny (from NY)

NiHaoMa - Da'Shotaz

uh..okay.. all of us down in "shakin" southern cali' are feeling a little left out :o/
come back to sou. cali' for a concert or two :o)
Prayers continuing to fly your way <><


Go SCC & team!! Love ya'll and our prayers continue.


I'll be choppin' at the game and jammin' at the concert after! YEAH!! I'm so excited!

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