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May 24, 2008


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Thank you so much for sharing this... It sounds like an absolutely beautiful service and celebration of a beautiful girl! My prayers will continue!

The Spencer Family, TX

We continue to pray for all of you. May God wrap you all in His loving arms.


Thank you for sharing. I have been praying much, and longed for news on how the Chapmans are doing.

The first song that came to both hubby and my minds when our little girl went to be with Jesus in February, was Matt Redman's 'Blessed be your name'. We sang it at her memorial service too. I'd love to hear 'Close to your heart'. Is it available anywhere?

The road the Chapmans (and you too) are on is a hard road but there is much grace there, as I am sure you know already.

Many blessings and prayers to you all...


Thank you for sharing with us. I already think of them and pray for them when I hear an SCC song on the radio, or even as I'm getting in my car, and I will continue to do so, this will be a long road, but I'm glad to hear how "real" Jesus has become to Caleb and others during this time.


Jim, thank you for the last several posts sharing such intimate details of what the Chapmans and their family and friends have been going through. We have been and will continue to pray for the family (and esp. for their precious boy). We are praying for you and all those close to them to hold them up during this time.


Maria's death has so touched me. Having experienced the loss of a child last month, my heart and my prayers go out to the Chapman's. You are an incredible family and I am sure when you get to heaven, you will hear "Well done My good and faithful servants" and...you will see Maria again.

Michelle L.

Rest assured, we will continue to pray for the Chapman family. We are grieving too. Jim, Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing about the memorial service. I'm glad that they have friends and family around them. I keep praying that God will comfort them in the days and months to come. So many people love this family, and it hurts us that they are going through this.


Thank you for sharing with us during this time. Although I've not met any of the family personally (except Steven for just a very few moments), I feel like I know them through the music, stories, and blogs of the past several years. My heart aches for them, and I pray for their comfort as they walk this road.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Continue to be with this precious family, comfort them every moment, and thank you for bringing Maria into their lives and into Your kingdom.

Sarah Joy

I am at my computer in tears - not for the first time since the 21st. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of this beautiful memorial service. Ironically, I listened to "With Hope" earlier this evening, thinking of this precious little girl and how the Chapman's hearts must be aching today. I will not forget little Maria, or the Chapman family. They will forever be in my prayers, as something like this might get a little easier - but the loss never truly goes away.

Thanks Jim, for keeping us updated. And for your kind, beautiful words. I can tell you truly loved Maria - and this family - and that you're wrapping them with your love at this difficult time. As are we, through many thoughts and prayers.

April Brown

This is a beautiful memorial service. I am so grateful for the testimony of The one that is Faithful and True. I am so sorry for this terrible loss, but I know the One that not only weeps with you but is able to comfort and to bind up and heal all your wounded hearts.

God is going to use this precious child's life and death to bring thousands if not millions to faith in Christ. God is going to heal your son as I claim it in the precious name of Jesus. He is going to be used to show the fullness and greatness of His power.

1 Cor. 1:18 The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. What is the message of the Cross? He died that we might live, when our physical bodies die is when our LIFE begins. He set the truth of this world upside down, To Live is Christ and to die is gain. Please never question why you got her from China for her to die - that is what those who are perishing would say. She came to you from China so that she might have Life. It is appointed for all of us to die physically and it is such a short time we are here, the rest is Eternal.

"Our Redeemer Is Faithful and True"

Many Blessings,

April Brown


Thank you so much... I spent the day crying, praying and wondering how this beautiful girl would be remembered.

I have picked out a casket for my child... figured out where to bury him, planned a funeral, and said goodbye. I know all too well the gut wrenching agony that the Chapmans are feeling right now. Emotions that can't be described, and an emptyness only caused by the loss of a child.

My prayers will continue far into the future. Thank you so much for allowing me to carry the Chapmans to Jesus on my knees. The song 'With Hope'is one of Steven's many songs that has allowed me to continue living when I wished that the pain would just end. I will be praying that all who are grieving for Maria will take to heart the lyrics of the songs that the Lord has given to Steven and will help to fil the hole in their hearts. Believe Him now. This is a moment made for worshipping. It's time for letting go of all of our 'with onlys', this is the only moment we can do anything about.

God has a plan for this pain.. a plan to bring Him glory whether or not we understand.

Laura Ainsworth

what a precious and moving service that i wish i was there to attend. i have grown up w/ SCC and feel as though i know them.
Precious Maria was an angel here on earth and will forever be with our Heavenly Father.
My prayers are for the entire Chapman family. certainly maria's Brother. Our God Will heal their hearts, but will forever keep Maria in their hearts.
I will continue to pray daily for God to send his grace and peace to allthe Chapman family.
Will ALL over love,
The Ainsworth's
Johnson City, Tn 37604


Thank you so much for updates...
What you've posted has brought me to tears, again... the memorial sounds like it was beautiful and so full of love for God and for Maria.
Those are very profound words Caleb spoke.. It really does show the hope Jesus brings to all, and in this situation, the love of Jesus is shining through. He is definitely real and a part of our lives, and carrying the Chapman's through this now, and forever.
My birthday is on a 21st of a month... I pay close attention to this day, the 21st of every month... now I can pay close attention in a different way and pray.

I have a little story.. Yesterday when I was thinking.., I remember I was obsessed with adoption as a child (the chapmans have been an added inspiration to my ongoing love for adoption, but I am still too young... 19) and I wanted my parents to adopt but that hadn't worked out. I decided I wanted a doll for christmas when I was 8 years old and she would be a dolly-adopted sister. I received the chinese "american girl doll" that year for christmas and I'd named her Maria, right off the bat. Quickly turned into my favorite doll I owned. Little did I know this name would come up again from the chapman's daughter... I think I'll bring that doll out and set it in my room as a reminder of Maria and the miracle of God and adoption.
I do not know the Chapman's at all but, their family has really struck a chord in my heart. Continuing to keep them in my heart and in my prayers..

Thanks again for these blogs...

Annie Plutz

thank you so much for sharing evrything. Our family and entire church will continue to pray for the Chapman family. God Bless You.


Praying. Aching. Hoping. Believing.


thank you so much!!! prayers for the Chapman family won't stop now.


Jim, Oh Jim, How can we ever thank you
enough for sharing these beautiful moments with us. We have been crying, aching and praying all throughout this day. Rest assured our family will continue to pray in the days and months ahead. How can we not pray for a family who has given us so much?....We are eternally grateful. Throughout the years, Steven's inspired lyrics have provided us with such fresh revelation, immeasurable comfort, and heart filled elation. We can never forget. We will pray for each of them. Any updates you
can give us along our way will be a great help to us in our prayers. God bless you Jim for being such a faithful friend and servant. God’s peace be with you all.


Thank you so much for sharing with us, Jim. I think we all wanted to share in some way today, and you have allowed us to do that. My heart aches. Praying... always.


Precious Father,
Our words are few in a situation such as this. What truly can be said? Our hearts continue to break for this precious family and what they are going through. Oh Father, you know the pain of losing a child and you know how it feels. You do not sit idly by and watch things happen, your heart breaks with ours and I believe that you have felt this families pain.

Yet Lord, you and you alone are able to heal this family as well. You love them God, of this I am sure and their son said it best when he said that you are real. Be with them Lord and cover them during this time. Be with them today and in the days and weeks and months to come. They will need you even more then. Cover them and when they feel they can't go on, let them feel you with each breath they take.

For their precious son Father God, who's heart is broken beyond words, I lift up a special prayer and ask you to saturate him in such a way, that there is no mistake that you are with him. Hold him so close Father and wrap him in your grace and in your mercy.

Give this entire family peace Father God and allow them to see glimpses of you through each step that they take. Please let them know that people will remember them in their prayers and that we will pray without ceasing for them.

What a mighty God you are and I would ask for this family who has given so much to so many, that you would now fill them. Please give them your strength and your overwhelming love.

Though we may not know them personally Lord, our hearts break for them and they are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we love them.

It's In Your Precious Name We Pray

Suzy Rawls

My heart is filled with love for the Chapman family and prayers for their journey ahead. May they find joy in the short but very sweet and joyful presence and memories they were granted in Maria. I pray this will not separate the son from the love God has for him. God has a perfect plan for his life. May God bless the family mightily with His Presence and Comfort.

Carmel Daly

Jim, thank you.

Amanda Schaap

Jim, I met you briefly at GMA this year... It was an honor to meet you. Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything. The Chapmans are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I can't even begin to count how many times I have been crying... and praying. I will be praying for the months to come... Pain doesn't end when the world forgets. Pain doesn't end when life moves on for everyone else. Pain doesn't end. It hurts. It goes on till you are healed by the touch of our Father as He holds you close to His heart. May our Father continue to hold everyone close to His heart as we grieve the loss and celebrate the life of our beautiful Maria.

Tell Steven and Emily, I'm praying for them and you all for the months to come - they know who I am.

I love you guys,

<3 Amanda Schaap



thanks you for your post of what been going on around you. As soon as I herd of this horrible accident, i started to pray for this family.

To lose someone in such a way as this. It is so hard.

I know the Lord will bring healing to the whole family in time. His time is never late.

Cindi M.

Here it is Sunday morning, and I know all of ya'll will be lifted up at churches all over the world today. Get ready to feel that "peace that passes all understanding" in an amazing wave.
Thanks, again, for staying in touch with us.
Love continues.


Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I can't express how much I wanted to be there, or how I have not been able to stop thinking and praying for them (even through my dreams last night). I will continue to remember and pray, and, when the grief and sorrow and weight of it all seems to die down, I will find a way to remind myself over again so that I can continue to lift the Chapmans up in prayer.

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