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June 16, 2008


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Joni Lorrene Cornils

Am so must find some comfort in knowing she's with the Lord and one day you'll all be together again...though I have children of my own I can't imagine how hard it is for you all right now.
Steven my heart goes out to your son...I'm so sorry...I know he must feel beyond words...I'll pray right now for all of you. Please remember this is not "good-bye" but "see you again soon" please remind your son often that you love him and that he is forgiven for it truly was an accident...

Joni Lorrene Cornils

Am so must find some comfort in knowing she's with the Lord and one day you'll all be together again...though I have children of my own I can't imagine how hard it is for you all right now.
Steven my heart goes out to your son...I'm so sorry...I know he must feel beyond words...I'll pray right now for all of you. Please remember this is not "good-bye" but "see you again soon" please remind your son often that you love him and that he is forgiven for it truly was an accident...

Debbie Gurnow

Your songs brought my family through so many rough times with my oldest son--starting with There's More to This Life. I am sure God will lead you and your family through this time through your music. Just know that the Christian world is grieving with you and praying for you and your family.

Ginger Loomis

I've always been told that "God works in mysterious ways.....His wonders to behold." Since the accident, your family has been in my prayers - as well as in the prayers of the faculty/ staff of our Christian school. Whenever I hear "Cinderella," as I just heard a few minutes ago, more prayers are said for your family, especially your son. Take comfort when you feel like you can't take the pain anymore, that our heavenly Father, Abba, felt that same pain when His Son died. As you have told us in your music many times, hold on to Him. Heaven will seem a bit closer to you now, and much sweeter as you look forward to seeing your "princess" one day. Time does help us to cope.....but, you have some precious memories to cling to. Enjoy them! As you "wash those dishes," smile as you remember how loved she felt in your family! As a parent, I will keep praying. God bless you all.

The Boltons

You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. May God continue to uphold you with His miraculous love and know that Maria Sue is in her Father's precious arms.

Ben Kunker

Dear Chapman family, I have been a listener of your music for a long time, and I almost couldn't believe when I heard what had happened. I am very sorry that this had happened to you. I don't have much to say, but thank you for being so big a part of my life; I have been praying for you. God still loves you, everyone. You can count on that, and he is faithful to hear the cries of the brokenhearted. He is good, and He's gonna listen to you.

Marie & Mathias, Sweden

We are so sorry. And we want to send you ALL our prayers.
Joh. 14:1-4, 1 Thess.4.13-14.
God is near those who have a broken heart.
God bless the whole family.
Thank you for all your music and lyrics - both for encouragment, support and healing.

The Potts

What an amazing child your Maria must have been. To have been called home to Heaven at such a young age. The devastating events that have occured in your life seem to be more than any of us can understand. Our prayers along with thousands of others are with your family at this time of great loss. I can only say that your family has brought so much love to orphaned children and your music has inspired all of us.
God Bless Your family and may you be comforted in his loving arms until you can see your beautiful child again.
Thank You for sharing so much of yourselves with us.
We have a beautiufl China Doll of our very own and feel such an attachment to your family.
Love The Potts

Jamie Beckner - Kansas City Missouri

26 - Prayer for Will

Dear Lord, make Yourself known to Will. Make Your love and comfort new today. May his heart trust in You and your plan. May his spirit grow in Your strength.

Mary Rosacker

I'm still praying for you.

I am still praying.


So sorry for your incredible loss. I pray that God will wrap His arms around you very tightly and carry you during this time of pain. May the songs you have written come back to remind you of the peace that passes understanding.

The Foglesong Family

We are so saddened to hear about your loss. We, including our two small children, have been praying for your family. May God give you the strength that you need each day, and may this event bring you closer to Him (Bring It On!).

Steffi Kim

Dear Chapman family it is very heartbreaking to hear about your little girl Maria, looking at her pictures I can see so much life and love in her and I can see that she always brought a smile upon your faces. I pray that her being with the Lord now will forever remind you of his awsome power and glory. I pray that God will show you continually his love for you and for Maria, I know that right now it is hard to move on with life but with God anything and all things are possible.

God bless you and you are in prayers always

Carrie Wysocki

It breaks my heart to know the pain your family is enduring through this tragic loss. Your songs have brought so much joy to so many. So may you feel the love of thousands of people out there lifting your family in prayer, to provide a peace and comfort that only our God can bring. My personal favorite songs, "I will be here" and "Cindrella" make me think of the loving Father we have, and although we cannot understand Him, I have always found comfort in knowing He is with me in my pain. May God be with you now.

Another Adoptive

For your family, nothing can deminish the pain of loosing your child, no matter where they came from. I purchased "Cinderella" for our almost 5 year old adoptive "princess" a week before your tragedy. Take the time to grieve. Our prayers and thoughts are toward you, today as well as tomorrow.


Just as your gift of music and the songs you have written have blessed me through difficult times of sickness, I hope that my prayers, through our Father will bless you and bring you peace through this time. My heart hurts with you.

Pam Vanderwood

I am continuing in prayer for you and your family.

Ashlynn & Step Mom Jamie

I now it is sad but just think she is in a better place now!!

Jamie Beckner - Kansas City, MO

27 - Prayer for Will

Beautiful Savior, our pain is deep and our hurt is unbearable. Sustain Will today. Continue to guide his pain into your healing arms. Protect him from leaning on things that artifically appear to provide relief. Give him strength in You again today.

Nancy Voigt

Dearest Chapman Family,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray most of all that God will touch you and minister to you in ways that no human possibly can. No one can fully comprehend your pain and deliver the comfort you need like the Lord can. No human utterance can replace the tender words of His whisper in the night. No embrace can substitute for the perfect way He will hold you in His arms during this tragic time. I know you must be walking in a deep valley at this time and perhaps God seems far away, but rest assured He is with You and He has your healing in His plan. He will bring you through this and I know He will give you amazing grace to face each day. May His peace and love reign in your hearts and minds. You are deeply loved by Him and so many brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pam Roberts

Dear Chapman Family,

My husband and I also have lost a child. Our 20 year old daughter, Lisa, was killed when a driver went to sleep while driving on May 22, 1999. It has been a long difficult road, but trusting the Lord has never been more important to us than now. We feel that NOTHING gets past Him and that He carries us on a daily basis through hardship. I have also noticed that I have become much more like Him through this difficulty. Of course, I'd rather have Lisa here, but I do know where she is and can't wait to see her again. There are a couple things I'd like to pass on to you. Books - reading has been a very helpful tool in dealing with our grief. Roses in December is a great book and introduced us to Compassionate Friends, which is a group just for parents who have lost children. Another helpful tool is PAXIL!! After 6 or 7 months of the pain getting worse and worse, my doctor put me on it. What a difference!! My husband and I could at least function again. It may not be for everyone, but it sure helped us. "Drugs AND Jesus"!! is our slogan! :) I know you've heard from thousands of people, but if you ever feel the need to talk to another parent whose been through the ordeal of losing a child, please feel free to contact us. That sounds kind of strange, since you are so well known, but we all need someone to talk to! We are praying for you all! In Christ's name. Pam

Ministerio Bet-Ésel

Queremos en el amor del Señor bendecirles y deseamos que el Padre venga a traer de Su paz y de Su amor en este tiempo,,,
Les llevamos en nuestro corazón,,,


I just want to let your son know that I am praying for him and your entire family. This is so sad for you, but for Maria, she's with the one we all want to be with. She's where we all dream about going to. She's with Jesus. This is a gift for her. I pray that your son be strengthend in the Lord and in the power of His might. I pray that your family find rest beside still waters and restore your soul.
I have recently adopted an 11 year old girl and it has been my priveledge to learn from her and I know you can say the same about Maria.

Adrian Diaz

From the congregation of Grace Awakening Ministries here in
Victorville, Ca

We continue to pray for the Steven Curtis Chapman family in
this time of trial. God bless you and know that Maria is
dancing and singing with the angels.

Again God Bless

Phil in California

May the good Lord bless you and keep you all in this trying time. <><

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