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March 13, 2008


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I LOVE this post! How hilarious! I love all of the random things you guys encounter on the road. Keep 'em coming! :)


LOL!!!!! That is EXCITING!!!! Keep all the bloggin and great pics commin... we Love Them....
Hope you're having a great time on the tour!!! Later


that is so wierd, i was just at this restraunt today and me and my sis were wondering why the toilets were so little. :p

Sarah Lottis

LOL! Totally exciting! A good way to put it, too.

Keep the bloggin' pics comeing!



Dude!!! That's amazing!!! When in a place like that, all one should say is, "I just like smiling, smiling is my favorite!"

Rebecca H.

Wow...random much? But I totally know what ya mean, I get into a "rhythm" at school all the time, so if someone shows up with mismatched socks, it's party time on the blog. Hee hee, that is so funny that the preschoolers' toilets are customized! I'm sure my 2-year-old niece would love that so she doesn't have to keep accidentally falling into "big" toilets in public restrooms!


That is toooooooo funny!!


Ya, once i was in a play and that was like the only toilet the cast could use. So i know they are so tiny! LOL!

Rachel DeSimpelare

Haha, that is great! We used to have little toilets at my chruch when we were in preschool. They are so amzingly awesome! But back then they were just the right size! But now they kinda make me want to pretend that I'm Godzilla or something! lol Congrats on breaking the rhythm!!! God bless!
Rachel D. :)


Lol...my cuzin luvs those cuz she falls into the big ones!

I have to say after watching your dads Curtis Crawdaddy...blog I feel much better about my own wacky father!


I love the blog.......LOL




TOOO CUTE! LOL!!!! Isn't God great what He gives us to bump us out of routine? Anyone who says that He doesn't provide must be referred to your herein blog post.

I was similarly moved from my monotony once at the appearance of an itty bitty tiny urinal (we have 4 boys so this one caught my eye!)... it was so very "cute" that I considered putting one into our boys' bathroom. Of course, that was years ago, the bathroom is still not remodeled, and now they would all seem as tall as nba players (and our contractor advised us that it doesn't necessarily keep anything cleaner, it just makes a bigger target).

Our children's museum in Seattle actually has 3 or 4 different toilets which are smaller than a standard sized toilet for all stages of the elfin. There are the sinks to match as well! Pretty cute. Next time you're in town, we can show them to you. Your sisters would love them, although probably not nearly as much as if they were brothers ;-) lol!

btw, we love your CD!!! One song would be particularly perfect for a short Christian film I just worked on... contact me if you want to discuss.

Have fun, keep smiling, and hope all those concerns from your previous post get "ironed" out. I'm sure I'd have seen that around my house by now if we actually had a coffee table... and if we ironed. I can't even remember when I ironed last... just love those "wrinkle free" clothes...

God bless,


HAHAHA!! You are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh! :-)



very creative indeed...now who's
takin the picture and how did
they not get in the mirror too?

Jessica McIntyre

Very funny !!! LOKL!! ( P.S. thats a South African term)


mini toliets rick.... i guess.
Glad it made your day.
that's pretty funny. :)


and i can't spell....
let's try that first sentence again.
mini toilets rock... i guess. :)

kathryn alexandria

haha,at my church in FL we had toilets like that for the little kids.
i know its funny


Congrats on Cinderella video going to #1!!! Good job and good work.


Y...you tried to use it didn't you?

Hannah Trout

HAHA..this is hilarious..my church has those same tiny toilets!!!

Samantha Bates

I love the blog! The tiny toliets are so cute! But I just found your blog and I wanted you to know that I love your mini CD! Its so amazing! The songs are truely my all time favs! I saw you in concert with your dad back in February in ATL! Well, I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your present/future ministry. Keep up the awesome work, and I expect to hear more out of you soon!! Keep focusing on the talents that God has given you, and no matter what struggles you go through in your life, God is always there to lift you back up again.
Your sister in Christ,


C.E.O. Carl Mattes

I am a manufacture of the mini toilet copmany of the US. We are very hurt that you have posted such unreasonable comments about us. We are very hurt. We hope that someday, when when you have children you might understand that lifteing them up can be a pain. So we hope that by haveing mini toilets across America we can help the population with the increasing amounts of back pain from lifting children up to the toilet. We hope you might consider this prospect.
Thank you for your time.
Keep those toilets shinnin' and

Kari Kooi

Hi Caleb,
I heard you open for your dad in Houston on Valentine's day and I think that you should try out for american idol next season! It would be awesome to have a Christian contestant and you already have my vote!



What a mighty God we serve! Last evening at NOKIA NYC was awesome! Keep on running the race for HIM! Thank you for sharing your music with us here.

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